Day 15 already


Have written a post, but it got lost. Here is the short version.

What’s new:

  • I’ve taken up Kundalini Meditation and want to dive into this style more
  • The withdrawal symptoms are not as bad as they were in the beginning
  • I try not to worry and bother so much what other people might or might not think of me
  • I see more of a blue sky on the jobhorizon
  • I see more blue sky for and in my life in general
  • I let some help in

xo. Eve


Day 3 Writing as therapy

Today I’m feeling rather lonely and down I have to admit. In two hours I will be treating myself with the Yoga class I wrote about yesterday. I’m also posting on instagram now, which seems a fine place to share my journey. But still I’m lacking face to face conversation. I’ve also joined the „Hello Sunday Morning“ community. Their app is really helpful to me.What is bothering me: some people always seem to have no trouble or at least they do not communicate it with the social media world. This is bothering me a bit, too. I shouldn’t be making too much fuzz about it. Why even post about it? A challenge? Stupid. Just don’t drink. Or if you do or don’t: no one will care. I have to get past these thoughts. But they are tenacious. Why put yourself out there? Just shut the f*** up and keep it to yourself. But well, writing is kind of a therapy, too. And writing about addiction can be, too. No one said it would be easy. And, yeah, I have zero blog readers! Which isn’t motivating me. But, yeah, I’m writing it for myself. And at least it is out there. At least I care. For myself. For my own good.

I choose clean Day2

Hi guys

today is day 2 on my sober drinking challenge hosted by Belle from Tired Of Thinking About Drinking.

I thought it would be nice to track what I’m drinking and eating around here for today and probably also for the next days. The beginning can be tough so all that helps is good!

Drinks up to now: Green Tea with lemon, two cups of coffee

I see I’m clearly missing out on water..

What I ate up to now: scrambled eggs with buttered toast for breakfast, Rice bowl with avocado, spinach and cauliflower-rice for late lunch

I still have a bit of a headache, even though I slept for a full 10 hours straight. Tomorrow I’ll engage in an Aerial Yoga class for the first time. I’ve done a lot of Yoga, but have never tried this style. I’ll keep you posted about how it turned out.

What I also did: I gave this Kundalini meditation I found on Gabrielle Bernsteins YouTube channel ‚Meditation For Healing Addiction‘ a try. This mediation should be practiced for 40 days, so I will do that. It is tough to keep your arms in the air for 5 whole minutes though!





Tag 1/ Day 1

Ich hab vorher schon ein Posting geschrieben. Dann wieder gelöscht. Warum? Weil ich geschrieben habe, wieviel und was ich in den letzten drei Tagen getrunken habe. Das ist nicht your fancy blog post mit fancy Zwischenüberschriften und so gewesen. Deshalb. Aber ich schreibe ihn jetzt noch einmal neu. Weil ich gemerkt habe, dass es mir wichtig ist und ich den unbedingten Drang dazu habe. Ich mag auch echt aufhören mit der Trinkerei und dabei wird mir das Bloggen helfen!

Also. Freitag: halbe Flasche guten, teuren Rotwein. 1/8 miesen Hauswein im Atleliertheater in Wien an einem Abend, den ich mir hätte sparen können, ebenso wie den Wein. Dann irgendein Dosengetränk, das so ähnlich wie Prosecco geschmeckt hat. Eklig. Haben sie dort im Theater gratis verteilt. Eine Stand-up-Performerin hat das gemacht. Sie wollte hören wie es klingt wenn alle im Publikum gleichzeitig eine Dose aufmachen… Dann noch zwei Aperol Spritzer.

Samstag: Halbe Flasche Rotwein, dreiviertel Flasche Weißwein.

Sonntag: ein kleines Bier, ein paar Schlucke Weißwein, 5/8 Rotwein (circa), vielleicht waren es auch sechs.

Und jetzt reichts mir.

Heute ist Montag und ich habe eine Woche Ferien. Das ist ein guter Startpunkt für eine sober challenge. Ein sober experiment. Endlich wieder nichts mehr trinken. Im Oktober hab ich das schonmal geschafft. Nachdem ich Allen Carr’s Buch „Endlich ohne Alkohol“ gelesen habe. Aber dann hat mich ein Weißwein Ettikett angelächelt und die nette Trinkgellschaft und aus und vorbei war es wieder mit dem Trocken-Sein.


I wrote a posting before. This is the second try. Forgive me if I make mistakes writing in English. I just listed what I drank during the last three days. Too much! And now I’m fed up with it.

I really want to stop drinking. I have decided to embark on a 100 days sober challenge run by Tired Of Thinking About Drinking Blog! Really looking forward to this!